The Versatile Blogger Award

i`d like to thank Matthew@Matt-in-the-Hat for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  I really appreciate it and im glad to see that someone actually noticed my blog in the middle of nowhere.

This is the first award i`ve gotten so i dont really know how this goes,but i kinda have to share some things about myself so here goes.


The Eternal question SUBS OR DUBS?

I mostly watch Subbed Anime, but i switch it up sometimes and watch the english dub occasionally….only if the dub doesn`t sound like shit >.> .To be on the safe side i download Dual Dub/Audio Anime that have removable subtitles as well as the both the English and Original dubs.

My taste in Music?

Im a heavy metal and rock music fan,by that i dont mean rap music cause i hate that shit,the only exception to that rule is eminem cause reasons.Aside from that i listen to anime osts occasionally.

My favorite childhood game?

If i didnt say pokemon i would be lying.

My favourite food?

My absolute favorite food is any kind of  noodles coupled with egg stew,sausages and fried eggs,had to make this little concoction because Ramen is hard as fuck to find in my country.oh yeah,and i`ve always had a thing against veggies in general, worse still adding Mayonnaise to them annoys my soul.

My Hobbies?

I draw a ton of stuff and try to track my progress so as to compare them with previous years.Most of what i draw is anime related so much so that i am now biologically incapable of drawing real life figures.I also make amvs in my free time and u guessed it i just got into blogging.

My favourite anime genre?

I`m way into fantasy and Sci-fi (mecha) anime and maybe the magic high school genre that seems to have recently come out of nowhere,i watch romance anime occasionally and slice of life when there is absolutely nothing else to watch.


People who mess with my food,i don`t care how much skittles are in the damn pack u cant have them.

Thats about it.i`ll nominate other blogs i like later on, so far i dont know a lot of people here.So till then,

Thanks again guys!!




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