Tomoko kuroki Genderbend Attempt

^Yes you are >.<

In my quest to draw a genderbend version of Tomoki kuroki from Watamote,I realised that if i didn`t know beforehand know that tomoki was a girl i would in fact think that she was a boy.Tomoki is of the third gender,the Hideyoshi gender xD


How did this turn into a post about Hideyoshi`s ._.

Now my present dilema,if i try to draw tomoki too close to the source material i end up redrawing….well tomoki..

So i compromised and decided to do some pokemon style gene splicing

Feautured 2

I hooked Tomoki up with the overly hot Silver king,adolf k wiseman form k-project(its a match made in heaven >.>) (Its still a work in progress,so i`ll finish it later on…nah thats a lie,i`ve already scraped this attempt .-.).

Now that this is out of the way,Its time for the main event \^-^/


haha its just Normal Tomoki…or is it >.>



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