Pokemon turns 20,after two decades of capturing our hearts

Fans go wild with this feels packed kekkai sensen crossover

Pokemon turns 20 this year and the fans have been celebrating the event in their own ways, then there`s me unsuspectingly wandering the internet until i stumbled upon this epic piece of awesomeness.

Done by two nico nico users 8bit Music /やっつけ who made a chiptoon version of the ending song of kekkai sensen anime and 北大路さくらたん who took the song and illustrated different characters in pokemon happily dancing away to groove.


Theres even ash and gary oak dancing what more could you ask for? xD

Watch the full video here or watch it on NicoNico.

now you can`t tell me that this didnt make your day >.>
Source: GoBoiano
Video source: Franky Wijaya

5 thoughts on “Pokemon turns 20,after two decades of capturing our hearts”

  1. Of course this made my day! Ash Gary dancing? FAB!
    Also, did u draw the first one?
    Also ur really good at drawing…
    Also we;ve never met b4
    Also I’m using too many also’s
    also I’m Emily

    Liked by 1 person

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