Kiss Shot Acelion Heart Under Blade

Title: Vampire Empress-Oshino Shinobu

(i`ll add the process post later)

Tools used: Wacom small tablet,PainttoolSAI,AND A DARK EMPTY ROOM(Explaining that im not drawing porn to my roommate is a pain)

Oshino Shinobu v2( shes called the golden haired vampire after all,not the golden yellow orange red haired kiss shot acelion heart under blade).png



38 thoughts on “Kiss Shot Acelion Heart Under Blade”

      1. The project already ended and has been graded,in the end most of the class dropped their blogs..while the few of us that continued live with the fear of knowing that our teacher still receives notifications from our blogs >.>

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      2. Do an art giveaway! Since you’re so talented, everyone should want your art, right? Have reblogging be part of the entries and give an example of what the winner might win so people become interested! Aren’t I so clever xDD

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      3. In the mean time try to finish up the introduction draft you started,so that everyone will know that you are part of the duo (wanted to say team but…dou is good since its only two of us for now)

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