Introducing the Duo! 

Heyyyyy all you adorably ignorant humans and other such creatures!

If you don’t know me already, I’m infinitmagic from Expensive Rainbows and I’m here to help out here on Anime Introvert with psychicpostpirate! Did I spell it right? I hope I spelled it right >.<

You can call me Inf btw cx

Idk, I just happen to be excited to meet all of you that I don’t already know 😝

Love ya, now go eat some food! I know I will xDDD

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}


21 thoughts on “Introducing the Duo! ”

      1. I clicked on everyone which lets me see all the staff’s posts and drafts, and the draft tab is saying that there are 5 drafts but when I click on the draft tab it says there are no drafts, would you like to start one bla bla bla

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