50 Followers Special!

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for,finally got to 50 followers this week so i figured that it was time to reward you guys >.>,oh yeah and there`s gonna be up to three winners from first place to third to keep it fair.1st place gets to request any two options of their choice,the second runner up gets to request only one while third place also gets only one but is limited to edits only.

Here’s an example of what you might win in this raffle,which are divided into three categories

namely: Lineart – Lazy, Clean or Vector (for those that just need something to colour :3)

Character request: Just tell me who to draw and what style to use e.g (chibi,normal,monochrome,fullsized/portrait e.t.c..please choose chibi, xD)

Photoshop edits: can be wallpapers,signatures or headers(if you have a render you want me to use thats fine too) can make anime folders too if you want,just one though.


To join:

-Like this post and comment: “joining”

-Include the number of entries you have

-Must be a follower

Extra entries:

-Reblog (+2)

-If you are an active follower (will be decided by me, +1)

-Subscribe to my Youtube channel here (+2)

All prizes will be posted under the tag #Anitrovertartraffle

results will be announced from next week

and lastly if you know any good randomizer to use then u’ll be awarded an extra point (ive seen a few but i have no idea how to use them @.@)


  • Decided to tweak the prizes a bit,cause i’m probably not going have too much free time to work on separate requests.So i prepared a reasonable prize over the weekend.
  • The entry conditions have not changed.
  • The prize for the 1st place has been altered as well,The new prize is first access to the project files (Save file of the drawing for the raffle ) which will be in .psd format,if they don’t have Photoshop ill probably link the program i use to draw in the description so that it can be opened in its native format.
  • The prizes for second and third place have also been altered a bit.Second place gets the same drawing as the 1st place but with no project file while third place can have the drawing as well as any edit of their choice.
  • Raffle is closing on the 25th of may,2016.Results will be announced the same day so anyone that wants to join should probably hurry.
  • That will be all +.+
i’ll be waiting

39 thoughts on “50 Followers Special!”

  1. Joining! ❤
    followed your youtube +2
    if you think i'm an active follower, then add another.
    so, 3 entries unless you think i'm an active follower.
    by the way, CONGRATS ON 50! NICE JOB! :)))))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BTW, do you like you gi oh gx?i do, liek the characters and plot is awwesommmmmmee, they dont air it anymore tho:( and i dont really like zexal.at all. how bout u?byexx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yeh, sometihng like that, i have only watched gx after my lil sister started watching, and me teasing and then foud it was quite good, and prob the only anime/manga i have ever watched!!main reason why i liked it was cos the main character of gx was really funny, like in a badass way:)

        Liked by 1 person

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