Anitrovert Art Raffle winners



Here ya go,the winners for raffle have been decided.Switched up the raffle prizes last minute and decided to do everything on the same page for some reason >.>

So i prepared something like a general art meme with 3 drawings for the three winners and one bonus for the sake of symmetry :3

Oh and one more thing every one gets the project files too i guess even those that didn’t participate,just dont go spreading it everywhere ,ok >.>?

So here’s ya prize :3

Shipping meme raffle prize.png

Project files here

heres’ a little present *use it to open the .sai project files

I’d like to thank those who participated in the raffle,cause it gave me something else to do besides playing skyrim and the tales series games throughout the weekend and sorry if this raffle didnt feel very raffle raffle, im not used to this kinda stuff v.v.






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