I was Reading Humanities on the day everything came to an end

    Four more days to go towards the beginning of the end, and i’m barely holding up. On one hand i’m glad that finals will soon be here and just be over with so that i can vacate with all the pieces of my sanity still intact. Haha, that was the case until i saw the timetable for the finals next week and found out that the first three papers are all courses under humanities which is just a fancy word for WORLD HISTORY. Sure Its not on the same level as maths its actually wayyy worse cause its one of those courses that shits out questions that expect 3 page answers per question TT^TT.

On the bright sound i found an awesome song that i play while reading,it actually helps(Evil Laughter) x)

Is your day ruined yet after listening to that? yes? Good :3

here’s my own version

Hello darkness my old friend

so i had to draw miku again, Because my sanity is seeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the useless information that was planted in my brain
Still remains
While in the depths lies games unplayed


oh and If you figured out the highschool of the dead reference in this post, then you’re awesome ><


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