“I’m not lazy, Im just conserving energy”

I’m finally free from school,but then God there is nothing to do back home,my Schedule is basically sleep,eat,Watch TV all day,rinse and repeat. I’ve been home for the past week and somehow i already miss school (Lol no..i miss the free WiFi in school :3)

Since i have nothing better to do,might as well continue my anime quotes post series.This time its going to be on Hyouka 😀

Compiling this one is gonna take a while cause my home internet connection is a bit on the slow side so i’m contemplating whether or not to use gifs like i normally do.



59 thoughts on ““I’m not lazy, Im just conserving energy””

      1. I did, but why not a beautifly (it’s a pokemon too, a butterfly pokemon)
        I was just messing with ya, but I guess you read beautifly as butterfly

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      1. On my first recital the instructor told me to “saturate the reed” translation “lick it.. lick it till its hard and w…” just gonna stop right there (almost went over to the dark side) (。ŏ_ŏ)

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