Brief Psychic Update

Just realized that my last post has been little over a month ago so i guess an explanation is in order. For the past month i’ ve been interning at an organization as part of my Uni’s policy. So far its been fun……Fun?..Fun!!..haha no.195b79ad56df4221f439955b1ab56f5ba6344d25_hq

My work is basically to interview people mainly artists, truthfully its kinda fun as i get to mess around with a DSLR camera and boss people around. Only problem is that i have to regularly talk…with people which is not exactly one of my strong points. So far the people i’ve met have been nice and i feel like im slowly becoming more social than before, so thats a plus 😀

There’s still around month to go before i’m through with the  internship program, so ill be more active when that time comes, in the mean time ill try to at least add a new entry to the anime quote series that i’ve been procrastinating on for like forever >.>, and inf i haven’t forgotten your request, i’m working on it now so expect it tomorrow or next tomorrow <.<




7 thoughts on “Brief Psychic Update”

  1. Hey bby! Congrats on the intern thing ❤❤
    Don’t worry about the request too much, although I’m really excited for it because I made an Instagram account for her. I also changed her name since there was already an account named akuri.chan ._.
    Her name is now… wait I forgot lemme check xD
    Her name is now Aishimasu Tamashi, Aishi for short, name meaning the loving soul in Japanese 😀
    And the insta account is aishitamashi.chan
    Plus if you need help with any post type things just ask ;D
    Love ya! Inf

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