The Gremory Guardian Angel

First off lemme start by saying this, We’ve finally hit the 100followers mark !!!

I’ve been more occupied with school work that i havnt been that involved here anymore,

So the highlight of my day was when i saw this beautiful thing when i checked this morning notifications XD


I’d like to thank the Hundred(and one) of you guys for helping me reach this far in a blog that i originally thought i would drop after the accursed Class project that forced me to make one was over.A year later its still up and running which i have u guys to thank for,

Once Again, Thanks Everyone!!!

Now, u might be wondering why i gave this post the title “The Gremory Guardian Angel”, well i’m getting to that soon.

My mood has been altogether weird as im pretty sure ive been grinning uncontrollably at my laptop all day. An assignment on a course im taking in Uni, script writing was due pretty much today although the official submission time is this sneeky little trap that many people still fall for,If u dont read the shit well u basically screw yourself over by thinking that its due the next day (when its actually 12:00am on MONDAY) Poor souls >.>ljkhjgchfg.PNG

Now back to the matter at hand, over the weekend i was binge watching the fate kaleid series back to back, sleeping by 5.00am on sunday and ultimately regretting my decision as i woke up by 8:00am on the dot this morning. (i was basically a zombie through out class today).

Long story short i woke up a little after seeing the 100 followers achievement,bought a can of a random energy drink and went on a sugar induced writing spree. I’ve submitted the unholy incarnation of the dark place that is my mind for grading already (What was i thinking xD) oh well its too late now -.-

So i thought it might as well be a gift to thank you guys so here u go, this is what a sugar and lack of sleep induced writing spree looks like.

(To save ya a long ass post, I posted my actual submission on my Deviantart acc )

so here :Someone please give me a time machine

God i need to sleep now, well see ya!!



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