Techno Meister Zero Kara Layout

Honeycam 2017-01-20 11-51-13.gif

Just thought i would share my current rainmeter desktop layout, for those not familiar with rainmeter its basically a lightweight desktop customization tool that people use to give their user environments an edge, the best feature for me is the ability to mix and mash elements from other themes to make an all new clusterfuck (that’s actually a word lol o.0).

Now back to the matter at hand, I’ve made a few new layouts over the years changing things up when i felt like it, looks like i put a few up though there’re only screenshots My Rainmeter Setups.

If u already have rainmeter, its probably best to update to the final build while new comers can get the software for free from the official site ->Rainmeter 4.0

If you want this layout its up here -> Techno Meister Zero Kara Layout v0.02

looking for more skins?, I invite you to the abyss that is deviantart’s rainmeter community

-> Rainmeter gallery

Don’t stray too far though, or else you’ll lose your ability to art ;-;

Cause basically there are two types of people in the art community,

1. Those who view godlike art prowess as attainable in their lifetime.




Abandon all hope all ye who cross this threshold



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