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Kizumonogatari「AMV」- Lithium ᴴᴰ

▻ This trilogy did not disappoint, wonder if anyone thought up to adapt a movie on kiss shot and her first kin, would totally watch that 😀
►Anime: Kizumonogatari III Reiketsu-hen
Kizumonogatari II Nekketsu-hen
Kizumonogatari I Tekketsu-hen

►Song: Evanescence – Lithium


Kizumonogatari「AMV」- Going Under ᴴᴰ

Been looking forward to watching the second part of kizumonogatari throughout last year, finally got it yesterday and its frigging awesome, absolute must watch. The formula is the same as the base Monogatari system of using narratives to the fullest, but the art style is surprisingly different. So i made this once i finished watching it, pulled off an allnigther to put together and just worked on transitions through most of today.

Anyways  hope you like it!!


If u want to watch the entire series, links to the complete series are in my old post..wait ..lemme check..Found it..its this one My top 12 Monogatari quotes [Updated].


Oshino Shinobu Drawing process

Long overdue process post,sorry it’s late, a wild suprise legendary term paper hiding in the tall grass appeared and i was out of master balls.

Though im currently trying to organise an art give-away but have been stacked up on school work for the past week,It should be ready soon.

Title: The Golden Vampire – Kiss Shot Acelion Heart Under Blade


Tools used: Wacom small tablet, PainttoolSAI and that dark empty room



Bonus: That laugh is so damn cute xD

My top 12 Monogatari quotes [Updated]

The second entry in my anime quotes series is finally here >.>giphy (1)

*the post has been updated and a few new links have been added so be sure to check it out

Still waiting for kizumonogtari to air outside of japan though TT^TT




“Have Suspicions,not Faith” Kaiki Deshu

“I dont know everything,i just know what i know”Tsubasa Hanekawa

“People save themselves on their own.Nobody can ever save someone else.”Koyomi Araragi

“Did you know that everytime you sigh,a little bit of happiness escapes?”Senjougahara Hitagi

“I start chasing all the rabbits i see and end up catching none of them”Suruga Kanbaru

“Being kind to everyone simply means there’s no one special.”  Araragi Koyomi

“The sun is my enemy, but the moon has been good to me.” – Oshino Shinobu

“Whatever you value… What you consider right is up to you. But don’t force those ideals onto other people.” – Kagenui Yozuru

“You can lose the match and the game, but if you don’t lose to yourself, it isn’t a loss.” Araragi Karen

“In their own way, fights are also a valid form of communication.”Araragi Tsukihi

“There’s no reason a fake can’t do what the real thing would. And it’s possible for a fake to be more real than the real thing.”Oshino Shinobu

“The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it’s more real than the real thing.”Kaiki Deshu

^ i love those last two >.<

heavily recommend this anime series to anyone who is into stories with romance, comedy,third wall breaking moments and the supernatural.

i thought i should make it easier for u guys to find, so i added all the links >.>

Bakemonogatari  here

Monogatari SS here

Nekomonogatari here

Nisemonogatari here

Tsukimonogatari here

Hanamogatari here

Owarimonogatari here

Koyomonogatari here

kizumonogatari ( light novel ,movie to be announced)

^(it`s called a series for a reason)


(Neko – Bake – Nise -Monogatari(ss) – Tsuki – Hana – Owari)

^correct order to watch monogatari if u dont want to be lost as fuck


sorry for the long post,to make things up i present you with the cutest(deadliest) catgirl ever :3



“sometimes the fake is more real than the original”

Monochrome Anime Wallpaper Project

My 2016 project, i decided to make a handdrawn monochrome wallpaper pack,i`m done with just a few of them but the album will be updated weekly.

Its mostly set to my native resolution of 1366 x 768

(also taking requests now,i dont really have time to draw them from scratch,so a screenshot of the requested picture that i should re-draw should be provided to use as reference like so.

Oh yeah,HAPPY NEW YEAR!! >.<


Pissed off luffy done