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Tutorial series #1

Its been a while since my last process post, so i thought i should change things up a bit and make tutorials instead, granted they might be a bit harder to follow if u are working mainly with traditional mediums like paper. Still the flow is still relatively the same so the steps can still be utilized on both mediums. The link to the program i mainly use (PainttoolSAI anglisized) is still up as well a merged project file so that’s also a good place to start -> Anitrovert Art Raffle winners. This is going to be the first post for the tutorial series so expect more soon xD

Find the Full Res version here

Also if u have something more specific in mind like eye colouring, cell shading,soft shading, hair tutorials e.t.c  just let me know and ill see what i can do.


I was Reading Humanities on the day everything came to an end

    Four more days to go towards the beginning of the end, and i’m barely holding up. On one hand i’m glad that finals will soon be here and just be over with so that i can vacate with all the pieces of my sanity still intact. Haha, that was the case until i saw the timetable for the finals next week and found out that the first three papers are all courses under humanities which is just a fancy word for WORLD HISTORY. Sure Its not on the same level as maths its actually wayyy worse cause its one of those courses that shits out questions that expect 3 page answers per question TT^TT.

On the bright sound i found an awesome song that i play while reading,it actually helps(Evil Laughter) x)

Is your day ruined yet after listening to that? yes? Good :3

here’s my own version

Hello darkness my old friend

so i had to draw miku again, Because my sanity is seeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the useless information that was planted in my brain
Still remains
While in the depths lies games unplayed


oh and If you figured out the highschool of the dead reference in this post, then you’re awesome ><

Oshino Shinobu Drawing process

Long overdue process post,sorry it’s late, a wild suprise legendary term paper hiding in the tall grass appeared and i was out of master balls.

Though im currently trying to organise an art give-away but have been stacked up on school work for the past week,It should be ready soon.

Title: The Golden Vampire – Kiss Shot Acelion Heart Under Blade


Tools used: Wacom small tablet, PainttoolSAI and that dark empty room



Bonus: That laugh is so damn cute xD

Tomoko kuroki Genderbend Attempt

^Yes you are >.<

In my quest to draw a genderbend version of Tomoki kuroki from Watamote,I realised that if i didn`t know beforehand know that tomoki was a girl i would in fact think that she was a boy.Tomoki is of the third gender,the Hideyoshi gender xD


How did this turn into a post about Hideyoshi`s ._.

Now my present dilema,if i try to draw tomoki too close to the source material i end up redrawing….well tomoki..

So i compromised and decided to do some pokemon style gene splicing

Feautured 2

I hooked Tomoki up with the overly hot Silver king,adolf k wiseman form k-project(its a match made in heaven >.>) (Its still a work in progress,so i`ll finish it later on…nah thats a lie,i`ve already scraped this attempt .-.).

Now that this is out of the way,Its time for the main event \^-^/


haha its just Normal Tomoki…or is it >.>


Kirishima touka #2

its not exactly a new drawing anymore,my tablet has been out  of commission for a while, so i havn`t really done any new drawings for sometime,guess ill get that checked soon


Character: Kirishima touka

Anime: TokyoGhoul

Timetaken: estimate of 2 hours+

Program used: PaintoolSai & Photoshop cs6