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The Animated Short is the cutest thing you`ll ever see

Source: GoBoiano


The Best 3minutes of your day


^Just play the song and watch the awesomeness!!Try it on both the featured image and this one,justs keep switching between the two,or seperately,your choice >.<!!


Gif Karaoke Draft: Dare You!

Frigging love this >.<!!


Howdy Everyone! With finally a break from school, it’s time for me to get back onto animated! I decided to get spring break on animated started with what’s probably turned into my favorite series, GIF Karaoke! So like I said in the first try at GIF Karaoke,plug in your headphones, turn the volume up, blast your speakers, kickback, relax, and read along! XD
Hope You Enjoy! 😉
**For best experience, listen to the song and scroll along to the lyrics while you read! 🙂

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