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Tutorial series #1

Its been a while since my last process post, so i thought i should change things up a bit and make tutorials instead, granted they might be a bit harder to follow if u are working mainly with traditional mediums like paper. Still the flow is still relatively the same so the steps can still be utilized on both mediums. The link to the program i mainly use (PainttoolSAI anglisized) is still up as well a merged project file so that’s also a good place to start -> Anitrovert Art Raffle winners. This is going to be the first post for the tutorial series so expect more soon xD

Find the Full Res version here

Also if u have something more specific in mind like eye colouring, cell shading,soft shading, hair tutorials e.t.c  just let me know and ill see what i can do.


Hunter x Hunter Manga is back in action


A page on the Shonen Jump+ website announced that Yoshihiro Togashi is resuming his downloadHunter × Huntermanga in the Ankoku Tairiku (Dark Continent) arc. This year’s 16th issue of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will reveal more details on Saturday.

The manga has been on hiatus since 2014’s combined 37th/38th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2014. What was initially a two-week hiatus for serious lower back pain has extended until now.

Shueisha shipped the 32nd compiled volume in Japan in December 2012, and Viz Media released the same volume in North America in April 2014. The manga inspired two television anime series; the latest one ran from 2011 until 2014. The manga also inspired two anime films and several original video anime titles.

giphy (4).gif
i be bugging all my friends like Its Happpppeningg!!

Source: Comic Natalie

One Punch Man Season 2 Confirmed ~ Release Date Included.

^couldn`t find the actual trailer,so this should do for now >.>

One Punch Man Season 1 ended with a legendary fight between Boros and Saitama. Boros lost as expected but One Punch Man Season 2 is coming soon and is going to have all the new villains and fights beyond our expectations  are expected.

History: One Punch Man was originally a manga which was released in 2009 and then it was considered by Murata Yusuke, who did a great job by adopting One Punch Man manga into anime.

The season 1 did a great job and received so much love by Otakus from all around the world which persuaded Murata Yusuke and his team to start their work for the upcoming season of One Punch Man, which will make us able to see the anime being premiered sometime around November or December.

Furthermore according to Anime Corner, One Punch Man Season 2 might be coming soon based on the tweet by Yusuke Murata posted on this twitter account on Dec. 13, 2015.

Why can`t these things ever be in english

Original post: Dakocap



No Waifu No Laifu

Lets get this out of the way first…

   Deal with it!!

Husbandos are not exempt,so glad this one didn`t catch on cause it literally sounds like a husband with the added bonus of being a military  commando.Like these guys

Now aern`t you glad it never caught on

“Mai Waifu” is an Otaku phrase literally not meaning “My Wife”. A “waifu” is an anime character that a fan feels a special attachment to and “claims” her as his/her own.Some say this is unhealthy and proceed to bitch about it. Said fan typically appears in Mai Waifu threads on any weeb-related forums in order to talk about their favorite anime character(s) and their feelings towards them.

YmyW2pwThe folks over at Bandai Namco have recognized this problem and are working to bring your waifu to life.Only problem is that you might need to get an Oculus Rift VR headset,and God knows how expensive those things are.But still anything for your Waifu right?….Right!!?

Soon very soon >.>

The phrase originates from a random scene from Azumanga Daioh. In fact, here you go.



you learn something new everyday

Video source: mrsoevil,Bandai Namco Entertainment America



Attack On Titan Season 2? NOPE

[Update of] Details behind Release of Attack On Titan Season 2 Revealed

“Fans rejoiced last year as season 2 was announced, however this has now hit a wall”. Aimed for release this year, the series was set to create original content as the manga was still being written. Well not any more. Attack on Titan season 2 has been suspended for this exact reason. The creator of the franchise Hajime Isayama and the director of the anime Tetsuro Araki have both stated the manga should always be four story arcs ahead of the anime series. This means original content will not be required and keep the alignment between the manga and the anime that fans have come to expect. The manga is currently only two story arcs ahead of the anime, which means Tetsuro Aaraki can not complete the second series of the anime without creating original content.

Read Original post here: Moviepilot

In the meantime i think ill go see a  psychiatrist,cuz trust issues…

Pokemon turns 20,after two decades of capturing our hearts

Fans go wild with this feels packed kekkai sensen crossover

Pokemon turns 20 this year and the fans have been celebrating the event in their own ways, then there`s me unsuspectingly wandering the internet until i stumbled upon this epic piece of awesomeness.

Done by two nico nico users 8bit Music /やっつけ who made a chiptoon version of the ending song of kekkai sensen anime and 北大路さくらたん who took the song and illustrated different characters in pokemon happily dancing away to groove.


Theres even ash and gary oak dancing what more could you ask for? xD

Watch the full video here or watch it on NicoNico.

now you can`t tell me that this didnt make your day >.>
Source: GoBoiano
Video source: Franky Wijaya

Details behind Release of Attack On Titan Season 2 Revealed

In an interview between anime director Tetsurou Araki and Hajime Isayama the creator of the Attack on titan(Shingeki no kyojin) franchise which took the anime world by storm with its release two years early april 2013.It has finally been announced that the second season is almost ready and will commence airing sometime this year,the details of the interview will be revealed on march 9th finally shedding more light on the events that took place at the end of the first season.For the sake of avoiding spoilers,lets just say that they took the term cliffhanger to a whole new level,i waited two years for this so it better be good >.>

(and there was the thing where it ended with **** hanging off the wall/cliff…and the **** in the wall,you either it or you dont,i can`t be bothered  -.-)

Here is the pv confirming the due realease of the second season

Video source: Roy Reviews


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^(if you can read japanese that is,if not just what i do and try to make sense out of the pictures >.>)