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Black rock shooter Wallpaper pack #2

batch download here


D gray man – wallpaper pack 1

Felt like it was about time for another one of these,

One of my all time favorite series  D.gray man,the amount of patience I’ve had with this series is legendary.The manga stopped updating for close to 3 years while the anime  ended on  an annoying cliffhanger reveal  since 2006 >.>

The manga is back and the 3rd season of D.gray man has been announced for this year,so its all good.

The wait better be worth it,so don’t ruin it  (yeah i’m looking at you low budget animators)

sorry for the rant >.>,

batch download here

Monochrome Anime Wallpaper Project

My 2016 project, i decided to make a handdrawn monochrome wallpaper pack,i`m done with just a few of them but the album will be updated weekly.

Its mostly set to my native resolution of 1366 x 768

(also taking requests now,i dont really have time to draw them from scratch,so a screenshot of the requested picture that i should re-draw should be provided to use as reference like so.

Oh yeah,HAPPY NEW YEAR!! >.<


Pissed off luffy done

Kirishima touka #2

its not exactly a new drawing anymore,my tablet has been out  of commission for a while, so i havn`t really done any new drawings for sometime,guess ill get that checked soon


Character: Kirishima touka

Anime: TokyoGhoul

Timetaken: estimate of 2 hours+

Program used: PaintoolSai & Photoshop cs6