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AMV • Date a Live Mayuri Judgment ▪ Faster

I cant think up a topic to post so here’s another one of my Amv’s (Anime Music Video)  for ya >.>


Seisen Cerberus「AMV」- The Hell Songᴴᴰ

I’m gonna be inactive for a little while because finals are coming up,not really going to be posting that much but will still reply comments (not like i can escape the wordpress mobile notifications) Thankfully i can still squeeze out a little time to make a mandatory scheduled amv for my channel ImagineMaker over the weekend and such,so while im still at it,if anyone has an anime and song they like and feel that it would go together just tell me in the comments and ill add it to my to-do list. Go beyond PLUS ULTRA!!

Anime mix「AMV」Rising Pheonix


Reached a youtube suscriber milestone of 800subs in a little over a year,made this to as a special to mark the event(it`s not really that special though >.> ),i just spent just a little more time than i normally would on a single amv.It took me a whole month to finish xD

Anyways hope you like it,please suscribe if u like it to help me get to the next milestone of a 1000subs /^-^/

Multi Anime「AMV」Lights Out(full-lenght)

A full length amv that i`ve been working on for some time…a very long time….not much to say about this one,watch if u want ,while i go and buy more skittles ._.

  • anime`s used: No use adding this here since half of you people probably wont understand what im saying.

– Song: Lights Out By Mindless Self Indulgence

Program used: Sony Vegas pro 13(64bit)-http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro

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