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Kirito is that you?

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What am i supposed to feel xD

Who else would rather opt for a nerve gear >.>?


19 Code Geass gifs that will show you the dark side of the world

Code geass follows the exploits of expelled Britannia prince Lelouche vi Lamperouge and his quest for power after he obtains a forbidden power from the immortal witch simply known as C.C .The power of kings the Geass,enables him the ability of absolute command bending all to his will.This anime is a black hole of philosophical references to the real world and explores the impacts of regimes and dictatorships.

“A life that lives without doing anything is as good as a slow death.” – Lelouch vi britannia

“False tears bring pain to those around you,A false smile brings pain to ones self.” – C.C

“The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone.” – Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero

“The best ways to remove your lies is to make them come true.” – Kururugi Suzuka

“I order you to love me!” – Euphemia Li Britannia

“Those who are allowed to shoot are those who are prepared to get shot” – Lelouche vi britannia

“The Mass we called “World” keeps turning,ignoring our individual desires.” – C.C

“Lelouche,do you know why snow is white..?it`s because it forgot what color it is.” – C.C

“A messiah will not be recognized until he makes a miracle.” – Akito the exiled

“Even though you made me forget everything, I still fell in love with you. Even though my memories were tampered with, I kept falling in love…with you all over again.” –Shirley Fenette

“Even if we cried,the dead wont come back to life.” – Lelouche vi britannia

“In this world, evil can arise from the best of intentions. And there is good which can come from evil intentions.” – C.C.

“I don`t want to lose anything anymore.” – Lelouche vi britannia

“What do results gained in the wrong way leave you in the end? Just regret and an emptiness that has nowhere to go.” – Suzaku Kururugi

“In the face of the world’s wills, your personal speculations are so ephemeral they can’t help being overwhelmed.” – C.C.

“You are not alone.” – Lelouche vi britannia

“You have to gain society’s approval to get the power to change it.” – Suzaku Kururugi

“We have no choice but to live for the present” – Lelouche vi britannia

“Things that don’t change go extinct.” – Milly Ashford

lastly,here are some left over quotes(technically couldnt find matching gifs for them..sorry >.<)

“There are times when the life of a single man is worth more than a hundred million others.” – Diethard Ried

“There is no such thing as objective information. Zero, in the end, journalism is the product of a human mind.” – Diethard Ried

“I think the truth is something covered up most of the time.” – Director

“I have no intention of confusing miracles with recklessness.” – Kyoshiro Tohdohu

“Strength that knows no boundaries is merely violence.” – Bismarck Waldstein

Sorry for the long post,i hereby present to you the best gifs i`ve seen today.

“Sometimes the fake is more real than the original”