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Yuuko- Dawn Maiden Of Amnesia

New process post, been a while since i last posted one here, been so busy with school as usual. Currently mid-way through my final exams so i barely have time to rest, drew yuuko from Dawn Maiden of Amnesia cause i was stressed and tired af but it turned out better than expected >.>

Full Res ver: Here


Evangelion Throwback Incoming!

Best parody video i’ve ever seen, Couldn’t stop laughing from the moment shinji showed up and i could swear that i saw captain spork from star trek in that eva suit>.<

Video Source: Asiancrush.com

Oh yeah, Just in case u missed it this also happened, its surprisingly decent too…

Video Source: Dracer

Now then if u would excuse me, i have some evangelion to rewatch. That damn song is stuck in my head again >.>

Related image


Youjo Senki「AMV」- Last One Standing ᴴᴰ

►Anime: Youjo Senki/Yōjo Senki/Saga of Tanya the Evil

► Song: Last one standing by Simple Plan

Barely managed to sneak in a new amv this week, was buried under a shitload of group projects and assignments because final exams are only 2 weeks away so teachers that have been lazing around suddenly realize that the slots for students continuous assessments are empty, a trend which is probably going to continue to next week which is revision week ironically a free week where all classes end so all to give us enough time for self revision.so till then my suffering probably isn’t over yet.

Does this look like the face of Forgiveness?



Oshino Shinobu Drawing process

Long overdue process post,sorry it’s late, a wild suprise legendary term paper hiding in the tall grass appeared and i was out of master balls.

Though im currently trying to organise an art give-away but have been stacked up on school work for the past week,It should be ready soon.

Title: The Golden Vampire – Kiss Shot Acelion Heart Under Blade


Tools used: Wacom small tablet, PainttoolSAI and that dark empty room



Bonus: That laugh is so damn cute xD