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Kizumonogatari「AMV」- Going Under ᴴᴰ

Been looking forward to watching the second part of kizumonogatari throughout last year, finally got it yesterday and its frigging awesome, absolute must watch. The formula is the same as the base Monogatari system of using narratives to the fullest, but the art style is surprisingly different. So i made this once i finished watching it, pulled off an allnigther to put together and just worked on transitions through most of today.

Anyways  hope you like it!!


If u want to watch the entire series, links to the complete series are in my old post..wait ..lemme check..Found it..its this one My top 12 Monogatari quotes [Updated].



Oshino Shinobu Drawing process

Long overdue process post,sorry it’s late, a wild suprise legendary term paper hiding in the tall grass appeared and i was out of master balls.

Though im currently trying to organise an art give-away but have been stacked up on school work for the past week,It should be ready soon.

Title: The Golden Vampire – Kiss Shot Acelion Heart Under Blade


Tools used: Wacom small tablet, PainttoolSAI and that dark empty room



Bonus: That laugh is so damn cute xD